Rainbow Child was created in 2009 in Bordeaux. JC guitar and song, François on drums and Timo on bass it occurs then ipn the gathering of bikers of Aquitaine such as the wolves riders, Montalivet, Cars, Arcachon, Blaye as well as in the bars and pubs of Bordeaux and the surrounding area HMS Victory, St. Catherine Street in Bordeaux, the Kalimutcho illats, rock blues cafe in Merignac. The repertoire focuses on the late ’60s, early’ 70s, with many Jimi Hendrix and most of the artists from that period Santana , Doors , Rolling Stones. Timo was not always available because of his activity of full-time jazz bass player, Charly effectively replaces it from time to time on very punchy sets with rock groove and a lot of festive atmosphere. Settling in 2014 in Toulouse the band is rebuilt with around JC, GG on bass and Xavier then JB on drums. It is now playing in the great south west of France from Toulouse to aude and ariege through Occitania. The most popular places are the caravanserail in Saint Alban, the Achil Café in Foix, the Grange and the Cancha in Toulouse, the music festivals in St Girons, St Juery and Toulouse, the MJC, the biker gatherings always. The repertoire is still densified and still presents a rock blues experience of quality with johnny winter which came to add to the program as well as The Who, Led Zeppelin, but also less known songs by blue oyster cult or even more recent but in the hippie spirit of the seventies as are you gonna go my way by Lenny Kravitz. If you like guitars that sing, blue notes, drumbeats a bit like those of Keith Moon, Mitch Mitchell or Buddy Miles and the melodic bass lines of John Entwistle and Noel Redding you will be happy. Feel free to contact Rainbow Child for a new rock blues experience whether you are in Toulouse or elsewhere. The group offers a set of 2:45 of pure rock and blues . Contact us for one of your evenings. Let’s groove